Dedicated Rehabilitative Medical Care

The Rehab Center at Redstone cares for hundreds of patients each year. Our team is committed to providing exceptional medical care to each patient served with clinical experts providing comprehensive one-on-one rehabilitation designed for each individual’s recovery goals.

Dedicated to transforming the delivery of post-acute rehabilitation, our care team uses evidence based protocols including specially trained clinicians, innovative technology and physician guided care pathways that optimize recovery outcomes.

State-of-the-Art Telemedicine Technology

Physician assessments and treatment plans are minutes away with our telemedicine technology. Telemedicine solutions significantly reduce potentially avoidable hospitalizations and optimizes patient care.

Orthopedic Care

For those considering hip or knee replacement surgery, we recommend a pre-surgical review with our Health Navigator to discuss goals and expectations.

  • Private Suites
  • Ortho-Certified Staff
  • Therapy available 7 days a week

Stroke and Neurological Recovery

As a Center of Excellence in stroke rehabilitation, our clinical team creates a therapy plan that targets strength, skill and speech improvement to achieve the fullest potential of recovery and function. Our nurses are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and our protocols vastly improve recovery results for our patients.

Wound Care

Our team of experts, made up of the wound care surgeon, physician extender and our certified wound care team, develop an extended care plan that provides care from the hospital, to our skilled nursing center, to home. With one provider team our patients get a superior coordinated care plan that addresses all the modalities needed to avoid issues related to the transfer between various providers and locations.

Post Discharge Support

Our commitment to your health continues after you are discharged. Whether returning home or moving into a new level of service, your personal health navigator will remain in contact with you for 90 days to monitor your progress, health, wellness and safety. We work with you to identify and manage any factors that might impede your continued improvement and help prevent avoidable factors that could lead to a health set-back and re-hospitalization.


Our comprehensive one-on-one rehabilitation therapy is tailored to each person’s particular situation. Dedicated to patient centered care, and providing remarkable therapy and a care plan focused on returning patients to their highest level of independence as quickly as possible. Therapy is offered 7 days a week as appropriate.

Recovery Programs

  • Orthopedic
  • Neurological
  • Stroke
  • Cardiac

Our Navigation Team

In addition, our Navigation team assists with your entire post-acute episode – from acute care hospital, to The Rehab Center at Redstone, to home, wherever home may be. Your personal health navigator will assist you with meeting your health and rehabilitation goals.

Trusted Partners

A center of excellence for ortho, stroke, and cardiology rehab in our community, the Rehab Center at Redstone is a preferred partner of the region’s two largest health systems, Allegheny Health Network and UPMC. During your stay our specially trained staff delivers an individualized rehab plan with wrap-around transitional services supporting your progress as you return home.

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physical therapy
wound care
recovery programs
Stroke and neurological recovery
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