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Dental Partners USA, a division of a full service laboratory in business for over thirty years, recognized the need to address the impact of outsourcing and other issues relating to the changing dental industry.  Dental Partners USA discussed the following issues with numerous dental laboratories, dentists and industry leaders in efforts to develop a business model that would solve as many issues as possible:
  • As outsourcing continues to expand identifying which outsourcing laboratories produce quality products and has the "staying power" to serve long term needs of the dental profession.
  • Filling the demand left from the large number of dental laboratories that will close over the next five years.
  • Shortage of technicians brought on by 25% of the current workforce projected to leave the industry by 2014 and the low number of graduating dental technicians.
  • Significant price pressures throughout the entire dental profession.
After reviewing and analyzing the results of our surveys, Dental Partners USA developed a business model to meet the needs of dental laboratories.

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